4 April
Learning Guide (PDF)
Introduction to GIS (PPT)
Exploring ArcGIS Online (PDF)
Practical 1 (PDF)
Practical 1 with Answers (PDF)
ArcGIS Online (Link)
The ArcGIS Book (Link)
ESRI Online Mapping Instructional Resources (Link)

13 April
Practical 1 Discussion (PPT)
Geo-Inquiry (PDF)
National Geographic Geo-Inquiry Process (Link)
ArcGIS Online 5 Introductory Activities (PDF)
Practical 2 (PDF)
Exit Survey (Link)

4 May
Practical 2 Discussion
Practical 2 Memo (PDF)
School Survey Map and Digital (Link)
Practical 3 Paper GIS Activity (PDF)
Practical 3 Answer Sheet (PDF)

18 May
Classroom Resources Survey (Link)
Schools Web Map
Practical 3 Discussion
Practical 3 Memo (PDF)
Create an ArcGIS Online Public Account
1. Click this LINK
2. Click “Enter Your Information”
3. Record your Username and Password
Practical 4 (PDF)
Practical 4 Answer Sheet (PDF)
Teach with GIS (Link)

25 May
Practical 4 Discussion
Practical 4 Memo (PDF)
Practical 5 (PDF)
Benoni Schools Data (Text File)

June – Celebration of Learning 🙂
Practicals 1-5 Knowledge and Skills (PDF)
Practice Test (PDF)
10 Largest School Data (Text File)
Sick Test 01 (Available 15 June, 9am, UJ GIS Lab. Please see Thendo)
gis_sick_test_01_answers (Microsoft WORD document)
GIS Test 01 Bonus Survey (Link)

20 July
2019 Esri Users Conference Plenary (Link)
Practical 6 – Esri GeoInquiries Beagle | Ocean Features | World Population
More GeoInquiries (Link)
National Geographic Giant Map (Link)
Giant Map of Africa Questions (Link)

27 July
Giant Map of Africa Booking (Link)
Practical 6 Discussion | Memo
CAPS – Geography (2011) (Link)
ArcGIS StoryMaps Overview (Link) | Demonstration Video (Link)
9 Steps to Great Storytelling (Link)
Explore Stories (Link) | Rivers of Plastic (Link)
Getting Started with ArcGIS StoryMaps (Link)
ArcGIS Story Map Homepage (Link)
Practical 7 (Link) | Examples (PDF)
Additional (old) StoryMap Templates (Link)

3 August
Practical 8 (Link) | Submit (Link) | Bonus Marks Survey (Link)

17 August
ESRI South Africa – FundaLula (Link)
Practical 9 (Link) | Submit (Link)

4 August
Getting Started with GIS for Educators (PDF)
Mind the Gap – Geography Study Guide Grade 12 (PDF) (Link)
Practical 10 (Link)

31 August – 2nd Celebration of Learning
Test (PDF)

Additional Resources
ESRI Online GIS Training (Link)
QGIS (Link)
Open Street Map – Youth Mappers (Link)
National Geographic Mapmaker Interactive (Link)
Google Earth (Link)