Asking Geographic Questions (curiosity, inquiry, landscape interpretation)
Storytelling with Digital Maps (ArcGIS Online, Story Maps)

The Power of Maps
Storytelling | Rives Collins

Teachers Making a Difference (11 minutes)
GIS – Inspiring What’s Next (3 Minutes video)
The Science of Where
(2 Minute video)
GIS – Applying Geography
(3 minute video)
GIS – Enabling a Smarter World (3 minute video)
GIS – The Importance of Maps (2 minute video)
GIS – The Power of Maps (1 minute video)
The GeoSpatial Revolution | YouTube Trailer (video series)
7 Continents Virtual Walk (Chrome only)
Material World | Where Children Sleep
NGS Your Shot

Thinking like a geographer in the field…
Basic Themes of Geography (Gersmehl)
ABCs of Landscape Interpretation | Lewis’ Axioms for Reading a Landscape
Fieldwork 3, 2, 1

Standards and Practices
APHG Course Description
C3 Framework
| National Geography Standards | TPACK
TEKS – Elementary, Middle, High School

Sanborn Maps
Perry-Castañeda Library Sanborn Map Collection
Fort Worth | Houston | San Antonio | San Marcos | Seguin

ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS 5×5
Story Maps
Story Map “Series” Template Tutorial
TLU Sequin Story Map Examples: Urban Renewal | Courthouse Fire |

Photo Guidelines for ArcGIS (Kerski)
| Facebook | YouTube | Google Photos

GIS Educational Resources (GeoInquiries)
ESRI K-12 GIS Organization

Google Earth
Google Earth Online
Google Earth Education
Virtually walk through all 7 continents