Despite our best efforts, the boys suffered from jetlag after our nine hour flight from Houston to London.

“What’s jetlag?” asked Asa.
My first few attempts at explaining did not work. Time zones, spheres, speed of air travel did not help Asa understand. I kept trying.
“Well, your body still thinks its in Texas and your brain thinks its in London. So, your mind and body are kinda fighting each other. And when you body and mind are fighting you can’t sleep well and you get a headache.”
“OK, makes sense but how do I get my body and mind to stop fighting?”
“Lay down in bed even if you aren’t tired and drink lots of water.”
“Would drinking Sprite or Coke help?”
“No. Just water, maybe some juice.”
“Do we have any apple juice.”
“Yes. I’ll get you some.”
“Thanks Daddy.”